Hello There!

I am an Ireland based engineer, who found her passion for designing beautiful websites that attract all the right people. My mission is to help businesses- big or small – find their place on the world wide web. I love helping people all over the world bring their dreams- and let’s be honest, Pinterest boards to life.

After years in the 9-5 grind, I found that I craved the kind of freedom that only running my own business could provide.

As a result, I now work with clients based anywhere in the world, while I myself can be elsewhere. In fact, this flexibility is what inspired the name; to be situated anywhere in the world (Remote), while pleasantly lost in thought (Reverie).

Something unique about a well designed website is the flexibility it gives a business. And who doesn’t enjoy flexibility? With the right design, your website can be reached by anyone in the world, at any time – forget time zones! Want to reach clients worldwide?

about me

Every project, no matter the size, brings me joy, as long as it’s making my clients happy. I take your ideas and create a beautiful website that fits your business.

Take the next step in growing your business and work with Remote Reverie to create a jaw dropping website tailored to your needs!

Your website will no longer be on the top of your to-do list and will attract your ideal clients, all while working overtime in the background for you. Let’s get to work and start saving you time and money.

Are you ready to check this off your to do list?

A Day In The Life…

10+Cups of tea
8hrDaily screen time
100+Lines of code