Where to start?

Remote Reverie is the place to be if you are in need of a bit of maintenance on your already established website, maybe you aren’t feeling your current site anymore and need a redesign or you might even want to start from scratch with a website design project!


It may be surprising, but believe it or not – social media platforms are simply a launchpad for your business – in other words… it’s not where it will ultimately grow.


I’m here to help you transition from high-fee, low-control marketplaces to having your own customised website that clearly shows who you are and what you’re all about.


Stop overthinking the details and attempting to teach yourself web design – work with Remote Reverie and launch a fully designed website you can proudly share the link to!

  • One-to-one personalised service
  • Domain, hosting & email set-up
  • SSL secure website
  • Responsive design across all devices
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • Functional elements such as booking system, blog posts, e-Commerce shop etc.
  • Use your existing branding or we can work together on a new concept
  • One-to-one personalised service
  • Website analysis of your current website
  • Update with your branding and styling
  • Update website content (text and imagery etc)
  • Custom redesign of your website keeping user journey in mind
  • Fix any responsiveness issues across all devices
  • Addition of functional elements such as a booking system, blog posts, e-Commerce shop etc.
  • Thorough site testing prior to launch
  • Client training and handover package
  • Update plugins and integrations
  • Ensure site security
  • Responsiveness checks
  • Site down-time monitoring and back-up
  • Enhancement suggestions
  • Minor content changes
  • Analyse site traffic & statistics



Let’s not forget about those money making and time saving perks!

eCommerce Store

Add physical and downloadable products to your customised store where you can easily offer bundles, sales, affiliate schemes, and any other additions you like to grow your customer base and product range.

Mailing List

Create a way for you to communicate with your customers. Let them know about any exciting updates and future sales.

Membership Area

Create a members area on your site to restrict premium content or exclusive services to paying customers.

Booking Calendar

Online booking is available 24/7 and is convenient for your customers. Simply show availability and receive bookings for a full day or specific timeslot for your service in an easy-to-use booking system.

Social Media Integration

Add social media icons and display content throughout your site. Linked accounts will increase engagement and save you time.


Showcasing testimonials from recent customers is a powerful motivator for customers to trust your product and/or service.

Contact Form

Create a contact form connected to your email to provide a channel of communication and support for your customers.


Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions.

Online Course

Create and manage your online course content, handle subscriptions, grade quizzes and accept payments.